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Age Wise Popularity: When to Get Plastic Surgery?

When going for plastic surgery, there are a whole lot of questions that cross one’s mind. Most important of all - whether I am too young or too old for this? Well, there’s nothing as too young or too old, it all depends on the type of surgery you are looking for.

This question stems from how long the recovery process would take and how long would you have to be at the plastic surgery recover home.

So if you are looking for suitable Miami plastic surgery recovery, there’s no one better than

Let’s look at the different surgeries and their age wise division based on the range of 18 to 60 years of age:

1. Forehead: This includes a botox procedure for which the optimum age is 35 or above.

2. Eyes: Well, there are two different areas when it comes to eye plastic surgery. For an eye lift surgery, the optimum age is 40 and above. However, for eye bag surgery, the optimum age is 19 and above. The reason why you can get these this early is because the earlier you treat your saggy eyelids and eye bags, the better as it adds to the appearance of the overall face.

3. Nose: Nose surgery is referred to as rhinoplasty for which the age limit is 20 and above. This is performed when the facial bones stop growing. So it is suggested to get this done before you turn 50 the reason being that your skin gets loose.

4. Face: we are all familiar with facelifts. The optimum age for face plastic surgery is 45. The

reason is that skin gets elastic as you reach 40 so rather than delaying it till 50 or 60, it’s

better to get it earlier at 40-45.

5. Lips: the optimum age for lip enhancement plastic surgery is 35 to 37. This is because your lips start to get thin once you reach your late 20s. You can delay the surgery till you are early or mid 30 but after that, effects are visible.

6. Breasts: to get breast implants, the right age is 25 or above. For uplifting breasts, the

optimum age for plastic surgery is 45. These plastic surgery results last up to 15 years.

7. Stomach: who doesn’t like a flat tummy? The optimum age to get a tummy tuck is 35 or

above. The reason is that a tummy tuck is suggested once you have your last child to avoid

any risk of future surgery or sagginess.

8. Hips and thighs: this plastic surgery is known as liposuction. The optimum age to get this done is about 30 to 35. Before that, it's best to diet and exercise.

So have you made your decision to get plastic surgery but are worried about the after care? Worry not! We at Diamond post care are here to ensure that you have a smooth recovery at our post surgery recovery home.

Diamond post care is hands down the best Miami plastic surgery recovery. From 24/7 medical care to a three meal plan, airport pick-up and drop-offs, housekeeping, laundry, and a full-time Wi-Fi and cable, we got it all!

To get a quote today, email us on or call us at 833-495-0750. We await to serve you.

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