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Recovering at home vs. staying at a recovery home after surgery.

Although inpatient recovery facilities may be necessary in some cases, the preferred option is usually to provide care at home.

Advancements in telemedicine and monitoring have made care given in the comfort of one's own home competitive with that given in a traditional healthcare environment. Numerous studies have demonstrated that patients would rather be treated in the comfort of their own homes. The patients moods improve, and they feel safer in their surroundings.

There are considerable differences between recovery homes and at-home care, and neither is intended to be a permanent living arrangement. Whether someone has had surgery, a stroke, an illness, or an infection, both methods can help in recovery. Sometimes, people with these conditions need infusion therapies, antibiotics, wound care, and other medical services that can be done at home.

Staying at a recovery home after surgery.

1. Safety.

Patients who are staying at a plastic surgery recovery home are made aware of the fact that even when they are not participating in the program's scheduled activities, they are still able to steer clear of potentially stressful conditions as well as the temptation to use or abuse substances. Curfews are also imposed in recovery homes, with residents being required to return to their rooms after a certain hour at night. These facilities offer emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure that their patients are safe and healthy at all times. Homes like these often sit in close proximity to well-maintained neighborhoods, guaranteeing a high quality of life.

2. Lessening the Likelihood of a Relapse.

At Diamond Post Care, we believe it's important for patients to have a place to go after surgery where they can rest and recuperate free from outside distractions and stress. This isolation is arguably the greatest benefit.  In order to reduce the likelihood of relapse, you will be placed in a new environment in which to live and focus on your recovery.

You see, drug abuse and addiction cause long-term changes in the brain. These changes affect how our brain cells work, which in turn affects our ability to make good decisions and control ourselves.

Those who relapsed during therapy were shown to have less tissue in the brain region responsible for controlling behavior and emotion. As you probably already know, it can be hard to ignore cravings or temptations, especially in the early stages of recovery. The recovery home can help eliminate the causes of cravings and temptation that lead to relapse. No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or addictive prescription or over-the-counter medications are permitted at a recovery home.  There is no room for relapse because of the strict monitoring of everyone's recovery progress and the hectic schedules that everyone must keep in order to stay on the right track.

3. Healthy Eating and Physical Fitness.

Many people who are addicted do not put much effort into maintaining their physical health. Many recovery centers are able to give patients well-balanced meals every day, which encourages good activity and fitness. This helps patients quickly recover their physical health and reduces stress caused by drug use and other worries.

On the other hand, even a relatively short time spent at a surgery recovery home can seem like an endless ordeal to some patients. The patient's mood may suffer as a result, which may further hinder his or her rehabilitation. A bedridden patient may feel helpless and isolated.

There's also a higher chance of getting an infection because you'll be close to people who are recovering from all kinds of illnesses. An infection slows down the patient's recovery and makes it more likely that they will have to go back to the hospital. Patients safety is seriously compromised by healthcare-associated infections.

Recovering at home after surgery

On the other hand, recovery at home might be the right way to go if your post surgical needs aren't pressing and require no inpatient services. In such cases, individuals can choose to recuperate in the comfort of their home while getting all the necessary care they need.

Recovery at home offers several advantages. As shown by different studies, one major benefit is that people recover much quickly in their comfort zones. They feel much more relaxed and trust the care and treatment they are getting from a trustworthy home recovery agency or their loved ones.

The most common benefits associated with recovery at home include:

  • It allows you to continue your usual day-to-day activities. You might be assisted with activities like toileting, bathing, and dressing, so as to preserve the integrity of your newly done surgery.

  • Professional nursing care can also be administered at home. Skilled nurses who have been trained and certified in state-of-the-art medical equipment can guarantee that the medical needs of you or your loved ones are met.

  • When patients recover at home under the supervision of a nurse, they also receive assistance with their medication. This means that they get to use the proper medications at the right time to avoid harmful drug interactions and manage health conditions.

  • Home recovery services offer companionship from individuals who truly care about the patient. Aging adults are encouraged to engage in social interactions to remain healthier. Home recovery helpers usually become companions who partake in activities such as reading, card games, meals, walks, etc. They will also accompany the patient on errands like grocery shopping, prescription pickup, and medical appointments.

  • Diet and nutrition are also supported during home recovery. Patients who have just recently been discharged after surgery are most likely going to be nutritionally vulnerable, and might suffer a conspicuous loss of body mass. Nutritional supervision and home-cooked meals by home recovery professionals would protect you against malnutrition.

Final Thoughts

An increasing number of seniors are going for post surgery recovery in their homes rather than at a post surgery recovery home. This is because the former has several advantages that appeal to the convenience of the patient. Regardless of whichever option you go for, Diamond Post Care is a trusted agency with many years track record of success. Our caregivers are highly trained and competent enough to provide the best home health care you can imagine. Our aim is to provide our recovering patients with the adequate care and treatment they need without moving out of the comfort of their house.

Our home health recovery services include 24-hour live-in assistance, light housekeeping, senior transportation, medication supervision, companionship, and respite care.

If you would like more information about our Miami plastic surgery recovery services, or to book a free, NO-OBLIGATION home assessment in Florida, today, kindly visit us at

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