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The Pros and Cons of Getting a BBL Procedure

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) treatment is becoming more and more popular. It might be the best surgery for you if you want to give your hips and buttocks more curve and volume. However, because choosing to undergo any invasive surgery is a major life decision, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of BBL so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Results That Look Natural

Because a BBL uses one"s own fat tissue to increase buttock volume, the results and feel are more realistic. BBL is frequently preferred by patients over butt implants because it doesn't require the insertion of an external substance.

Furthermore, your surgeon will have more control over the contouring of your butt using fat transfer injections and will be able to produce a BBL shape that fits naturally with the rest of your body.

The Incisions are Subtle

A BBL surgery leaves very little scarring behind because both the liposuction and the body contouring injections call for very small incisions. While the fat transfer technique involves 4–8 incisions, the liposuction procedure only needs 2–5. The incisions, however, are only a few millimeters long, and experienced surgeons take great precautions to position them in discrete locations. In addition, with the right treatment, the scars will soon fade and vanish into your skin.

Complete Body Contouring

Since liposuction is required to remove the fat grafts, a BBL gives you full-body contouring in addition to just boosting your butt's size. For example, a BBL can give you hourglass-shaped features, a flatter tummy, slender legs, and a fuller buttock. To enhance your proportions and contour your physique as a whole, you might discuss with your surgeon which regions of extra fat you want to remove.

Long-Term Effects

One of BBL's key benefits is that its effects are permanent, especially when compared to buttock injections, which need to be repeated to preserve results. Following the first shrinking operation, the fat grafts that endure and attach to your blood supply stay in place permanently and carry out the same functions as other fat cells in your body.


It's an Invasive Surgery

Due to the fact that BBL is an invasive procedure, there are some risks involved that will be fully disclosed to you at a consultation. In light of the large number of fat embolisms that have been caused by BBL surgery globally, in particular, the procedure's safety has been under close examination for some time. However, contemporary leading surgeons employ innovative approaches that have successfully reduced the dangers associated with conventional BBL surgery dramatically.

Erratic Fat Survival

Within 3-6 months of your BBL, the initial proportion that was instantly visible will decrease by 30–50% because not all fat grafts will endure and attach to your blood supply. As a result, the eventual butt mass that you can get from the operation is somewhat unpredictable. Nonetheless, a skilled BBL surgeon can get the desired outcome by injecting just the correct quantity of fat to make up for the preliminary shrinkage.

Weight Limitations

Your efforts will be needed to preserve the BBL results. You must avoid gaining or losing weight in the long run if you want to preserve your BBL's fullness and form, as doing so will alter your body's proportions and lessen the contouring results of both the liposuction and the fat transfer. If you're having trouble keeping your weight under control, our nutritionists at Diamond PostCare will provide weight loss programs that can help you.

The Recovery Process is Strict

You will be required to adhere strictly to specific aftercare and recovery measures because it takes some months for the freshly infused fat grafts to stabilize and merge with the encircling tissue in your buttocks. These include not trying to sit on your butt for 3 weeks, refraining from rigorous exercise for at least 4 weeks, and nurturing the fat by consuming a calorie-dense, healthy diet. Only if you adhere to these guidelines will your BBL's volume be maximized and its contouring benefits be preserved.

Who is an ideal candidate for BBL?

In order to determine whether you are a candidate for the surgery, you must go in for a consultation with an experienced BBL surgeon. Nevertheless, the majority of men and women who are generally healthy and have a BMI of 23 to 30 are eligible for the operation. Even if your BMI is under 23, you can still be eligible for a slim BBL.

Is it worth it to undergo BBL?

The extensive list of advantages previously mentioned outweighs the procedure's disadvantages for many people. Many patients believe the benefits exceed the drawbacks since the surgeon can explain the early shrinking result, the weight limitations promote a healthy lifestyle, and the arduous recovery is only a brief discomfort.

Book your stay today with Diamond Post Care Today!

Diamond PostCare is a prominent expert on BBL surgery aftercare and the leading consultant on safer ways to do BBLs with better outcomes.

Thanks to our extensive training and experience, we are proficient at minimizing the aesthetic and health complications of the operation while maximizing its contouring results.

If you're thinking about getting a BBL, schedule a consultation with our specialists to find out if the procedure is right for you and to make arrangements for your post surgery care.

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