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What is a tummy tuck and how long does it take to recover from it?

A tummy tuck, which is also referred to as an abdominoplasty, is an aesthetic surgical operation to change the way the abdomen looks and feels.

Excess skin and fat from the abdomen are removed during a tummy tuck. Additionally, sutures are frequently used to tighten the fascia, the connective tissue in the belly. To provide a more toned appearance, the skin that is still present is then relocated.

You'll probably have a clear picture of the outcome when considering a stomach tuck or

abdominoplasty. Speak to a board-certified cosmetic surgeon about these goals when you meet with them. The both of you can then talk about how to accomplish them efficiently from there.

It's also important to understand the nature and duration of the recovery process. This guarantees that your expectations are realistic.

How long does it take to recover from a tummy tuck surgery?

After surgery, a patient can often anticipate feeling normal again about 8 weeks later.

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), the majority of patients who get stomach tucks do so as outpatient procedures, which allows them to return home the same day.

The duration of time it takes to heal from a tummy tuck varies depending on the patient and variables like age, overall health, tummy tuck type (extended or mini) and quality of post-operative care. Your surgeon will go over your personal recovery plan with you after the operation, but most patients feel entirely recovered and start to observe results after 8 weeks.

Timeline for recovery:

After the procedure, a patient can expect going to a recovery ward. A medical professional will keep an eye on them and inspect the area of incision.

During your recuperation in the hospital, the doctors will give you instructions on:

  • The recovery timeframe

  • How to take care of the incision

  • When to anticipate returning to regular activities

When a patient is discharged from the hospital or recovery facility, they will need assistance getting home. Doctors advise against driving oneself home following a surgical operation.

The patient will have to keep track of how much fluid is dripping from their wound each day and may need to empty drainage tubes.

A patient should ensure they have assistance from someone at home for the first couple of days because their movement and physical activity in general will be restricted.

For a week or two, you might only be able to get around hunched over and feel stiffness within your stomach. You can anticipate some initial discomfort from the incision.

In addition you'll probably need to stay in bed at a certain angle and you might struggle with standing, moving about in general, and lifting things.

A lot of people take as much as a month out of work, especially if their job requires hard labor.

An individual may want assistance with babysitting through many weeks to months following a belly tuck procedure. For the first few weeks, they would also have to refrain from exercising until the doctor gives them the green light.

However, an individual can normally resume regular activities like driving within 1 to 2 weeks and slowly add more work as time goes on.

Last but just not least, a belly tuck scar may probably feel tight or sore for a few weeks to months after surgery. The scar will gradually become less noticeable.

Factors that affect the duration of the recovery.

After a belly tuck, recovery times can differ from patient to patient. Major factors that have an effect on this include:

  • Kind of tummy tuck

  • Age

  • Post surgery treatment

  • General wellbeing

The different kinds of abdominal tucks are:

Mini tummy tuck: With the least amount of scarring, this surgery has the quickest recovery time.

Traditional or complete tummy tuck: The recuperation process will take longer, and the mark will run from hip to hip, however an individual should be able to conceal it up with a swimming suit.

Extended abdominoplasty: It leaves the biggest scar after a tummy tuck and it takes the longest to heal. Even under bathing suits, the scar might still be noticeable.

After surgery, it may be beneficial to take precautions to prevent constipation because some painkillers may cause the bowels to move more slowly. Trying too hard to go to the restroom will make you uncomfortable.

Recovery tips:

  • Patients are advised to get lots of rest and adhere to all the recovery instructions from their doctor when recovering from a tummy tuck.

  • To relieve discomfort and avoid swelling, a person will probably be asked to wear a binder, supportive wrap, or compression garment for their abdomen.

  • People should abstain from drinking and smoking for at least three months after having a tummy tuck. Alcohol and tobacco consumption can hinder the healing process.

  • Additionally, people should refrain from carrying anything heavy, especially young children, until instructed otherwise; temporarily suspend exercising; and take a leave of absence from extremely demanding jobs.

  • Daily care for their incision and drainage tubes will also be required. Daily care often consists of:

  1. Preserving the wound's cleanliness and dryness

  2. Regular bandage changes and taking any prescription medicines

  3. Administering topical treatments to the area of the incision

What are the surgery side effects?

  • An individual may have restricted mobility and feel some discomfort after surgery. Usually, the surgeon will give you a prescription for painkillers.

  • Additionally, the incision will often feel tight and pull when you stand or move.

  • Finally, after the surgery, a person may discover that they are unable to perform some of their usual tasks. However, once they begin to recuperate, they can gradually resume their normal activities.

When can specific activities be resumed?

There is no set timeframe for when someone can resume their regular activities.

The following recommendations are suggested by doctors:

  • Cooking, driving, and shopping can be resumed after up to 2–3 weeks

  • Work can be resumed after 2–4 weeks.

It is okay for a person to need up to two months before they can resume their regular activities.


Regardless of whichever tummy tuck option you go for, Diamond Post Care offers the best recovery facility for all kinds of patients. Our caregivers are highly trained and competent enough to provide the quality post-surgery recovery care you deserve. Our aim is to provide our recovering patients with the adequate care and treatment they need without risking their surgery results.

It may take several months to fully recuperate from an abdominoplasty, popularly known as a tummy tuck. A person recovering from surgery should adhere to all postoperative recommendations and instructions, such as preserving the incision while allowing time for resumption to regular activities.

Remember to discuss what you expect in your particular case with the surgeon prior to the procedure.

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