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Diamond Post Care is a recovery service that assists in facilitating and monitoring my recovery, as per my doctor's discharge instructions. 


Transportation Policy 


Check-In: 3:00 P.m. 

**If surgery is the same day that is subject to change 

Check-Out: 11:30 a.m. 


❖ Diamond Post Care offers transportation to and from Miami International Airport from Monday through Saturday 7am - 5pm. We also provide transportation the day of pre-op, the day of your surgery, and one post-op appointment after your surgery. If you decide to purchase a massage package elsewhere or you have any other appointments you’ll have to find your own means of transportation, or you can pay the fee of $25 per roadtrip appointment. Transportation requests: Please contact customer service once you have received any times that require for the following day must be submitted by 7:00pm-7:30pm , in order to guarantee transportation. We take your prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy to the recovery house and pick them up when they are ready(* If you decide you want to use your own pharmacy you are responsible to put in your prescriptions and pick up your medicine. You are responsible to provide your ID and Form of Payment to cover your prescription cost. Check-in and check-out hours are from Monday to Sunday from 3:00 pm. to 11:30 a.m. If you decide to check-in/out on Sunday, you will need to find your own transportation. You are subject to receiving transportation from a Lyft /uber. Transportation starts the day of your Check-in unless authorized by an associate. Once you are finished with your appointment please contact the customer service/transportation department to get picked up. 



❖ During your stay at Diamond Post Care, we include three meals per day at no additional cost. We also make accommodations on any dietary restrictions/allergies for an additional charge. There is no eating in the rooms. ❖ Diamond Post Care does not cater to any preferences and is unable to make changes to their menu upon your check-in. I agree to disclose all my dietary restrictions/allergies prior to my arrival. If the information is not given prior to my arrival, I will need to provide my own meals. 

Meal times 

Breakfast 8:30 am 

Lunch: 12:30pm 

Dinner: 5:30pm


Code of Conduct 


❖ Diamond Post Care promotes an environment that tailors to their clients’ recovery. We require that you speak with a low voice inside our facility and be considerate of our clients and staff. We do not allow any profane or vulgar behavior inside or outside of the premises. We require that you are respectful towards all our guests and staff at all times. In addition, you must use headphones during any call. We do not allow the use of a FaceTime / speaker phone since we strive to maintain a peaceful environment in our facility. Failure to follow these regulations will result in removal from our facility and your money will not be refunded. 


Canceling & Rescheduling 


❖ Diamond Post Care strives to accommodate the needs of our clients, especially when it comes to cancellations and rescheduling. If you need to change the date of your surgery, please let us know prior to your check-in. Doing so allows us to rearrange your reservation without the risk of losing your deposit. You will need to speak to one of our associates with the NEW DATES a month prior to ensure availability. Before choosing a date with your clinic you would have to contact us to give you the dates available. 


❖ We do not guarantee any dates to RESCHEDULES . In the event that you are already checked in and can’t stay due to a surgery cancellation or a last minute rescheduled surgery date, we do not refund deposits or any other payments (this includes massage deposits, services, and other merchandise). 


Refunds and Payment Policy 


❖ A $300 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT (—$280/nightly Rate .) locks in the dates you have requested from us Your balance will be reduced by this amount. Your money is safe and sound with us for two years, so if you need to reschedule, you can transfer it to any friend with your written permission or spend it towards any things or services during your stay. 


❖ If you do not stay the entire number of days after making and confirming your reservation, you will not be repaid the difference. It will be deemed full usage of the services if you do not opt to remain with us but continue to visit our facilities to receive massages. 


❖ Failure to do so will automatically cancel your reservation. Deposits and Payments will be forfeited if you decide to cancel due to the spot exclusively reserved for you. Massages and products purchased cannot be exchanged for anything else. Products are Final sale. 


❖ Deposits are to be submitted using Quickbooks Intuit Online processing system. Remaining balance is due upon arrival using a Money Order check made PAYABLE To Diamond Post Care Inc. 



❖ I acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms and conditions outlined in the Diamond Post Care Corp. Liability Waiver & Release document. 


❖ I acknowledge that the information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge. 


❖ I understand that Diamond Post Care Corp. is not a medical care facility or hospital. I am using their services as a matter of convenience and not for reasons related to medical care. 


❖ I hereby acknowledge that I am of legal age. 


❖ I understand that I must have good behavior to better help the Diamond Post Care facility maintain its peaceful environment.


❖ I understand that if I cancel my reservations, my deposit will not be refunded. If I choose to reschedule, I must contact Diamond Post Care one week prior to my scheduled check-in date. 


❖ I understand that if I have not contacted the facility one week prior to my scheduled check-in date, the money paid will not be refunded. 


❖ I acknowledge that Diamond Post Care is not a medical facility, a medical service, nor a medical provider. It is a facility intended to provide a comfortable and private setting to assist with mental and physical recovery following outpatient cosmetic surgery procedures. 


❖ I agree to indemnify and hold Diamond Post Care and all of its owners, agents, officers, directors, employees, and affiliates from and against any losses, liabilities, damages, costs, expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees and disbursements and costs of investigation), judgment, charges, fines, interests, penalties, or assessments resulting or relating to any act, omission, or state of facts and any demands, actions, suits, proceeding claims, assessments, settlements, or compromises (whether known or unknown) of any kind whatsoever that I may sustain in connection with the services provided to me by Diamond Post Care or any of the foregoing. 


❖ I understand that Diamond Post care can and has the right to refuse service at any time during your stay. ❖ I understand that the surgeon who performed my surgery is responsible for my medical care. ❖ I understand that my surgeon is authorized to write my prescriptions. 


❖ I understand that my surgeon is the only individual who is authorized to perform any post-operative medical treatments. 


❖ I understand that my surgeon is the only person authorized to determine the post-operative care I need in regards to my procedure and whether or not he/she makes the decision to discharge me to a non-medical facility such as my place of residence or Diamond Post Care. 


❖ I understand that I may be unsteady on my feet after surgery. I agree to stay in bed for the first 24-hrs following my surgery unless otherwise specified by my surgeon. If I do decide to get up without the assistance of a nurse, then I will be held responsible. 


❖ I fully understand that it is my responsibility to check in with my surgeon prior to my surgery date for verification on which over-the-counter and prescription medicines I may take during my recovery. ❖ I agree to ONLY bring over-the-counter and prescription medicines approved by my surgeon upon arrival to the facility. 


❖ I understand that it is my responsibility to place all my approved medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, in one medication bag. Diamond Post Care does not administer medications and is limited to reminding you about your medication. 


❖ I understand that Diamond Post Care has a strict NO SMOKING policy. If I was found smoking in the facility, I will receive a $500 fine. I understand that smoking is detrimental to my body’s ability to heal and may increase my risk of postoperative complications. I hereby agree to NOT smoke during my stay at Diamond Post Care. 


❖ I agree to NOT request the assistance of a staff member or any other person to assist me outside to smoke. Should I decide to smoke and breach this contract, I am doing so at my own risk. 


❖ After your surgery and are checked in . We encourage all clients to stay in the recovery home until departure, or any required trips in order to ensure your safety and of all the clients at the recovery house. ❖ Because we promote an environment that is tailored to our clients' healing, room capacity is limited. So it is REQUIRED to bring a small bag , carry -on..( * suitcases cannot exceed 22" x 14" x 9")

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